Local Advertising With Coastal Directories

                 Why Another Phone Book?

What Consumers Say

  • 97% use telephone directories to find information about their community
  • 95% use the yellow pages to find goods and services when they don't have a name in mind
  • 89% of consumers use a telephone directory when they do have a name in mind
  • 78% use community information, maps, zip codes and additional information offered
  • 88% have difficulty in locating product and service convenient to their neighborhood
  • 83% said the big, heavy telephone directories now offered, are hard to handle/use
  • 86% said current directories cover too big an area for where they do most of their shopping
  • 98% prefer larger, easier to read print

  • What Business Owners Say:

  • yellow page advertising works-customers use them
  • majority of their customers come from the local area (4-8 mile radius)
  • advertising in the yellow pages is too expensive
  • they need to maintain and grow their customer base
  • the market's steady growth and the need to reach potential new customers
  • understand the value of a smaller size directory and bigger print size
  • know advertising attracts new customers and helps keep the old ones coming

  • Why Coastal Directory?

  • Bigger print
  • Smaller Size Format (6" x 9")
  • Neighborhood Focused
  • Cross Reference
  • Community Information

  • "Why Pay More To Cover Your Market"

  • Sized To Fit
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Professional Ad Design
  • Experienced Directory Consultation
  • Targeted Market Coverage
  • Search

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